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Sauna World



Regular visits to the sauna have multiple benefits on health. They improve blood circulation, initiate the detoxification processes of the body, strengthens the immune system and the heart, relaxes the mind and has a beneficial effect on our skin,

From the finnish sauna to the steam cabin or the infrared sauna to the tepidarium, our guests can choose from many types of saunas.

Compared to the steam or finnish saunas, the infrared sauna is less stressful, but it is the most effective detoxifier, while the tepidarium has an excellent relaxing effect.




Our sauna world consists of the following saunas:

Salt crystal sauna: 30-40 o

Aroma steam room: 40-50 oC            

Infrared sauna: 40-50 oC               

Finnish sauna: 80-90 oC    

Naturist sauna: 80-90 o